The First Ever Students For Rivers Camp


The First Ever Students for Rivers Camp

was awesome! (And I slept >15h in order to recover).

Here’s a little rundown of what happened at the camp:

  • We had 28 students from 17 different countries

  • Our students studied topics ranging from industrial design to political ecology, from communications to aquatic biogeochemistry, from international relations to environmental engineering

  • We had 3 professors (biodiversity, civil engineer, biogeochemist) come and talk about the natural river system and the impacted river system

  • We had representatives from Bankwatch and Eko-Svest explain how public money is being used to fund controversial topics (e.g. how hydropower is significantly subsidized compared to other renewables)

  • We had an environmental lawyer give a talk about giving nature human rights

  • We had a Soča valley local, Monika, give us a brief history of the Balkans, Slovenia, and the Soča valley

  • We had two students (including yours truly) explain how they got funding to do their own PhD projects

  • We had a representative from The Rivers Trust explain how citizen science can be used to get local people involved in river conservation and to collect data

  • Our students won 750€ in total thanks to Free Rivers Fund and Riverwatch for developing ideas about how to counteract the planned 2796 dams in the Balkans

  • Our students couldn’t stop talking about how we need to do the camp again next year!

I compiled some interviews with students and lecturers below to shed some light on the situation in the Balkans. Also check out the photos at the end of the post!

Thanks to everyone that participated! It couldn’t have been done without you ❤️




photos from the camp