ENGINEERING MYTH: Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy?


ENGINEERING MYTH: Is Hydropower a Renewable Energy?

We're spending this week in beautiful Romania! Kayaking, fishing and drinking with locals, checking out illegal dams, speaking with mayors from small villages, and enjoying what the Earth has to offer.

Romania is the first place in Europe that I’ve been that has beautiful stretches of untouched forests, rivers, mountains, etc. Truly spectacular and reminded me a lot of Canada.

What you see in this video is the river Basca Mare, located in a Natura 2000 national park. The locals here enjoy fly fishing and playing in the river. While the animals rely on the river for water.

Just upstream is a half-finished illegal dam, and the people here feel helpless and don’t know how to stop it. Basically, if you want to build a dam in this protected area (re Natura 2000), then the turbines must also be located on that river. But obviously, that isn't the case here. There are no turbines located on this river (Basca Mare river), and the dam is equipped with a tunnel which is used to divert the water to another reservoir which has turbines (not allowed).

The project stopped because the company ran out of money, but if they get money then they'll continue. In the meantime, there's just this giant piece of concrete in the river, and the construction as dropped tons of trash and scrap metal into the water.

Romania is in the EU, so the EU should take this problem seriously!

Anyways, please watch this video and let me know what you think.




photos from romania