Hey! I’m Jess. I studied mechanical and aeronautical engineering in Montreal, Canada before moving to Zurich, Switzerland to pursue my Master’s in mechanical engineering. I had originally focused on gas turbines and similar combustion systems (because it sounded like fun) and specialized in thermoacoustic coupling.

But as I graduated, my interest in the energy sector and passion for the environment pushed me to work as a technical specialist in the conservation field (as a “conservation engineer” if you will). I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting my conservation efforts.

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I’m involved in several grassroots conservation organizations…

01. River intellectuals

A network of bold students, researchers and river defenders with a passion for free-flowing rivers, who combine their resources and expertise to effectively protect rivers from large scale hydropower development and other challenges. Our goal is to strengthen the connection between the world of science and river conservation. We are aiming to turn this close collaboration into a powerful tool which will help to influence policy from the local to international level.

In 2020 we will organize the second Students for Rivers Camp in Montenegro and will connect many river conservation projects and scientists during the ‘Bohinj to Belgrade’ Balkan Rivers Tour 5. Want to take part with your project or help us with fundraising? 

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02. Rapid assessment of rivers at risk

Rapid Assessment of Rivers at Risk (RARR) provides a framework to connect scientists, recreationalists, conservationists, and communities with a goal of developing efficient and effective ways to collect data for remote river systems that face imminent change.